Research at Merantix Labs

We bring our in-depth machine learning expertise to multiple research projects spanning various industries and challenges

Merantix Labs engages in various publicly funded research projects in order to apply the most modern technologies to real life problems.

We believe there is high value in participating in research consortia. For us, it is a chance to work with partners from academia and industry, enhance our knowledge and expand our network. To these partnerships, we bring our machine learning expertise and apply it to known and new areas, tackle new challenges, and create setups allowing for exploration and novel approaches.

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Our Research Topics

We tackle topics spanning various
data and modelling challenges

We are experts in machine learning with a specific focus on deep learning.
Our expertise allows us to focus on the common challenges that come up when applying machine
learning to real-world problems. These challenges span both data and modelling topics.
How We Collaborate

We are experienced in designing and managing publicly funded research projects

We mostly participate in research projects backed by German and European agencies but are open to different settings too.
We are industry agnostic. So far we have engaged in research projects in the automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, and media sectors.
We operate in various consortial setups, from 1-on-1 partnerships to large consortia with a lighthouse character.
Our Research Projects

We are currently taking part in several
prestigious research projects

Partner network & Ecosystem
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Sebastian Gerres
Research Projects Manager