AI in Retail

by Merantix Labs
AI in Retail

Bridging the gap between the virtual and the physical

The retail industry is rapidly changing. Digital competition, shift from goods to services, high personalisation, and push towards new technologies are putting a lot of pressure on companies. Artificial Intelligence solutions help with managing the raised industry expectations and make your business more efficient by extending human capabilities.

Some use cases include:
  • Inventory management
  • Pricing & product recommendation
  • Customer interaction
  • Returns management
  • Store optimisation 


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Our Use Case

Customer Review Classification


Customer reviews contain the voice of the customer. This information is invaluable to understand what works well, and what can be improved from the user’s perspective. However, manually going through reviews is often too costly. For a multinational retail company, we were asked to develop a system performing deep analysis of customer reviews of marketplace vendors and gain insight into features that matter to customers.


The main challenge was a large amount of customer reviews and complexity due to unstructured data.


Our tool helps with getting a grip on how products and services are being received, by identifying themes and topics, extracting key phrases, recognising sentiments, and spotting trends in the data. This improves overall marketplace processes and retailer performance.

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