An AI solution to detect, segment, and classify objects in your images.

A precise, adaptable, and reliable image segmentation solution to analyze your images and video footage

Chameleon is an artificial intelligence software for high performance video and image processing that applies image segmentation algorithms.

Our vision is bringing machine learning from research to production and creating AI solutions for the real world. That's why our engineers developed Chameleon - an adaptable AI software to detect, segment, and classify your images.

Chameleon is a powerful high-tech solution for processing of imagery data. Some of our applications include medical images analysis, quality inspection, asset monitoring, and many more.

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How Chameleon Works

We developed cutting-edge software
to get the most out of your images and videos


Data Upload

You easily upload your images or video data to our secured cloud platform


Model Customization

We incorporate your domain knowledge to our solution to answer your needs


Model Interface

We provide an API where
you can constantly access the model predictions



As your partner, we track and monitor the performance of the AI models

Some of Our Applications

Chameleon runs in various settings
and is applicable to different use cases

Visual Quality Control

Improve and automate quality control in your production

Checking whether every product is meeting quality expectations is a time-consuming and repetitive task that is limited by human capacities. We help you leverage machine learning technologies on your camera data to spot defects that humans can miss.
Detect defects on produced goods, determine their shapes, and calculate their sizes
Classify product images into different defect types
Estimate  costs of repair associated with defects by integrating internal and/or external data

Can you leverage AI to automate your quality inpection?

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Asset Monitoring

Monitor your assets to keep your production running

Physical assets inside and outside on production sites, plants, transportation paths etc. need to be monitored frequently to reduce risk of failures and downtimes. Periodic manual monitoring by administrative employees or third-party companies is expensive and fragmented. We help you leverage machine learning technologies on your camera data to continuously monitor your assets and detect damages early and accurately.
Detect and localize damages 
Classify damages into different types
Notify about events and derive repair measures to avoid downtimes 
Medical Imaging

Identify anatomical structures and cells in medical images

The manual analysis of images by an expert is time-consuming and expensive. This is due to human quality fluctuations as well as complexity of the analysis. We help you leverage segmentation technology in order to support the experts during diagnosis, preparation of medical interventions, or during research. 
Identify fine structures and shapes
Classify forms into different classes
Support experts on making difficult decisions
Why Choose Chameleon

Chameleon adapts to your needs
and ensures data security

Chameleon is a solution for image analysis built on a scalable infrastructure
with proven high-performance models that are adapted to your data.
Tailored to your needs
Quick adaptation and customization of Chameleon to your needs while learning on your specific data.
Handles large images
Capability to handle any image and video resolution.
Differentiates fine structures
High precision in differentiating fine structures and small components in crowded images.
Integrates seamlessly and is used intuitively
Fast and simple integration into your existing processes. No coding experience needed.
Improves continuosly
Live retraining of Chameleon on your new datasets with an ongoing improvement of predictions. 
Cloud agnostic
Possibility to host your Chameleon model in your own cloud environment, GCP, Azure or AWS.
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